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              New Hampshire's 2013 Rock-Paper-Scissors Tournament

"Rock. Paper. Scissors. Three symbols. A world of possibilities."


High school and middle school students are invited to participate in New Hampshire’s inaugural state-wide Rock-Paper-Scissors Tournament.


The Tournament will take place on Saturday, December 14, 2013 at The Derryfield School (2108 River Road, Manchester, NH).  

The event will start at 12 noon.


Each of New Hampshire’s 350+ public and private schools that serve middle and high school students across the great state of New Hampshire are eligible to send a School Champion from their school to the compete in the final tournament. School Champions do not need to be present at the final tournament to compete. They can submit a proxy form with their prearranged throws and a stand-in will play those throws during the actual competition. 


The Tournament Champion will receive a $500 cash prize, a trophy and will be regaled as “New Hampshire’s 2013 Rock-Paper-Scissors Champion!”  The second and third place winners will receive $250 and $100 cash prizes, respectively.


The rules are simple:

1) There is no cost. It is free to participate. 

2) You do not need to be present at the tournament to compete. 

3) The tournament is open to all middle and high school students in N.H.

4) Standard Rock-Paper-Scissors rules apply (i.e., rock beats scissors, scissors beats paper, paper beats rock). 

5) Throws other that rock, paper or scissors are disqualified and counted as a loss. Mistimed throws are subject to referees’ discretion as to whether to disqualify the throw (i.e., loss) or to re-do the throw.

6) Individual schools are required to select their own Champion. Several suggested ways to select a Champion are included below. Schools must submit via email the name of their Champion to the Official Tournament Organizer by November 30th, 2013.

7) Champions are not required to be present to compete in the Tournament.  They can compete by proxy by emailing a list of up to 100 RPS throws in advance using the enclosed Proxy/Absentee Form. A stand-in player will play the throws in the order listed during the actual competition. The proxy must be emailed to the Official Tournament Organizer in advance and will be kept confidential until required to play.

8) Homeschooled youth in middle or high school grades can participate (see details below).

9) During play, rulings by the tournament referee(s) are final.


Email questions about the organization of the event or the tournament process to the Organizing Committee of the event at: [email protected] or [email protected].

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Additional Rules and Details:

There is no cost to participate in the tournament. You do not need to be present at the tournament to compete.


How Schools Can Select Their Champion to represent the school at the Tournament

It is up to the individuals schools to determine how to select their School Champion. Here are some suggestions:


Knock-Out Format

1) Compile a list of all the students who want to participate in the RPS Competition.

2) Have the students compete in pairs (best two-out-of-three) with the winners advancing to the next round.

3) Repeat the process until there is one final victor who becomes the School Champion.

Advantage of this method: this format can determine a winner very quickly.

Disadvantage: Limited actual play-time, as many participants will only get involved in as little as 2 or 3 throws before being ejected from the tournament.


Round Robin Format

1) Compile a list of all the students who want to participate in the RPS Competition.

2) Divide the students into smaller groups…either by grade or in groups of 10-20.

3) Within each of these smaller groups, have each participant play against every other player in their group (best two-out-of-three format); You can keep track of the victories using the attached sample score sheet. The winner of the group will be the participant with the highest number of victories in that group. Winners from each group advance to the next round. Ties will be settled with a best two-out-of-three competition.

4)Take the winners and divide them into smaller groups and repeat the process, or have all the winners compete in a Round Robin format. The final winner becomes the School Champion.

Advantage of this method:  More play-time for each individual participant as they will compete against 10-20 people before finding out whether they win (and advance to the next round) or lose.

Disadvantage: This format requires a bit more organization in terms of forming the groups and scoring, and takes more time to run the competition.


Designated Format: The School Principal or Student Council may designate a School Champion, or a student can volunteer to be the School Champion if no other students step forward to compete.



The name, school and contact info for the School Champion must be forwarded to the Official Tournament Organizer a [email protected] and [email protected] by November 30th. This will ensure the necessary logistics for the event can be made.


Proxy/Absentee Form:    

If your School Champion cannot be present to participate in the final tournament on Saturday December 14th, they can email a proxy of their Rock-Paper-Scissors throws to the Official Tournament Organizer. This proxy is a list of up to 100 throws and will be played in the order listed by a volunteer stand-in during the actual competition.  These throws will be kept confidential until required during play.  In the unlikely event that more throws are required than are included in the proxy the Official Tournament Organizer will randomly select throws from among the initial 20 listed in the proxy. We ask that proxies be received by email ([email protected] and [email protected]) by December 7th in order to be included in the event.  A link to the Proxy/Absentee Form is included on the website.


The Tournament:  

The Final Competition will occur on: Saturday, December 14, 2013 and take place at The Derryfield School (address: 2108 River Road, Manchester, NH 03104 Phone: 603.669.4524), starting at 12noon. We estimate the event will last 3 hours.  The Tournament format will be both Knock-Out (early rounds) and Round Robin (later rounds).  Players will compete in a best 2-out-of-three throws, except the final round which is best 4-out-of-7.  The competition proceeds until there are 2 remaining players. The final 2 individuals compete head-to-head in a best 4-out-of-7 for the coveted title of New Hampshire’s 2013 State Rock-Paper-Scissors Champion.  The winner will also receive a $500 cash prize and a trophy; the second and third place finishers will receive a $250 and $100 cash prizes respectively.


Homeschooled Participants

Homeschooled youth in middle or high school grades can participate by competing with groups of other homeschooled students. They can organize themselves into their own “school.”   We ask that a minimum 10 participants be required to compete as their own “school.” The group can compete in a knock-out or round-robin competition to determine a Champion from among them to send to the tournament.   Homeschooled individuals can only compete in one group or “school” (and not be in multiple groups or “schools”).  Therefore, we ask that homeschooled participants submit not only the name of their Champion but also the names of each of the homeschooled participants that competed in that group in determining their Champion in order for that Champion to be valid. This list must be forwarded to the Tournament Organizing Committee at: [email protected] and [email protected] by November 30th. If the Champion is unable to attend the event in person, they may complete and send a Proxy/Absentee Form by December 7th to [email protected] and [email protected].


More Information: 

A brief video is published on youtube: search under RPSNH2013 Tournament. 

If you have any questions about the organization of the tournament or the process you can contact the Organizing Committee at: [email protected] or [email protected]


We hope to see you at the Tournament.


Good Luck,


Jack Miron (class of 2017, Derryfield School)